Live, Living Food for a Live, Living Body

Live, Living Food for a Live, Living Body

Live, Living Food for a Live, Living Body Live, Living Food for a Live, Living Body Live, Living Food for a Live, Living Body

"Living On Live Food" Certification Course


The baton has been passed along to RAW CHEF JANE in the United States, by Alissa Cohen, to teach Living on Live Food, Levels 1, 2 and 3. Class size is limited. What a great opportunity to become Certified and to see the beautiful sites of Northeast Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Southwest Virginia!!!  Classes are located an hour from Asheville, NC and just over an hour from Knoxville; about ten minutes from beautiful, historic towns such as Greeneville, Jonesborough and Johnson City, Tennessee.

Classes by Category


RAW CHEF JANE offers many classes, and also teaches private classes and semi-private classes, creating a custom menu based upon individual wants and needs. Some of the classes offered are:


Beginner's (Raw Food 101)




Pizza & Quiche


International Flavors



"It's Not Just Salad" Book


RAW CHEF JANE's book "It's Not Just Salad" explores the ways and techniques of Raw Vegan Food and is geared toward assisting people transitioning to a raw vegan lifestyle.  A two-time breast cancer survivor, RAW CHEF JANE fully understands health challenges we all face and has experienced first hand how healing a raw vegan lifestyle can be for the human body to achieve optimum health.  This book contains lots of delicious recipes from very simple to advanced, with pictures.  

Private Parties and Demonstrations


RAW CHEF JANE will add an exciting twist to your next dinner party. Guests participate, learn and enjoy unique delicious food while having fun.  She is also available for demonstrations and to prepare private meals.  

Where you will see RAW CHEF JANE


RAW CHEF JANE appears regularly on Daytime Tri-Cities ( and has appeared on Today in Nashville; Live at 5 at 4 in Knoxville; Good Day Tri-Cities; Good Morning Tri-Cities; The Sunday Morning News at 7 (; She has been a guest chef at Olive Oil Divine many times and is a chef at the fundraising dinner, Farm to Chef.  

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Need more information about a class or the "Living On Raw Food" Course?  Do you want to book a special event?  Don't see a class you would like? Simply send a message and we will respond shortly.

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