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Raw Chef Jane
provides the following services:
Help you set up your raw food kitchen

Uncoming Classes (see below).
"Living on Live Food" Chef Certification and
Teacher Certification Classes also available

Personal and individualized raw "un"-cooking instruction

Customize a raw food diet to suit your personal needs, as Raw
Chef Jane is a Certified Nutritional Consultant

Personal Raw Chef for an event -- Raw Chef Jane will prepare a delicious raw meal before your eyes and answer questions as she goes

Listen to Raw Chef Jane on a podcast "Awakening of the Soul"

See Raw Chef Jane in action live on TV

Article in Greeneville Sun Newspaper  July 22, 2016

  email: rawchefjane@gmail.com

   telephone: 423-823-7303 423-823-7303

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                Curried Lentils                                   Sweet Potato                               Raspberry-Topped 
  with Savory Wilted Spinach                         Pasta For 2                                      Key Lime Pie


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NEW UPCOMING CLASSES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Pizza and Quiche class on Saturday, June 25th 10 AM to 3 PM was a WONDERFUL success -- for those of you who were there -- I know you enjoyed it and for those of you who missed it, oh well -- there will be another !

Saturday July 23, 2016 -- BREAKFAST CLASS
What to make for breakfast? Not a problem -- learn how to make crepes, scones, breakfast bars and more !!!!! All #raw, all #vegan !

Saturday August 6, 2016 -- INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS CLASS
This is certainly one of the most delicious classes ever -- learn to make #raw #vegan Falafels, Moroccan Rice, Zucchini Rollotini . . . and more !!!!!! Let me know if you're interested . . .

Saturday August 20, 2016 -- SNACK CLASS
Learn how to make delicious, healthy snacks such as kale chips, jalapeno poppers, fudge balls plus other healthy, delicious and filling #raw, #vegan snacks!!

Saturday October 1, 2016 -- DESSERT CLASS
Healthy, beautiful, scrumptious, guilt-free desserts -- learn how to make #raw #vegan cheesecakes, pies, frosted brownies, plus !!!

Saturday October 22, 2016 -- BEGINNER's CLASS
No special tools or appliances needed for this class !!! Learn how to prepare simple, #raw, #vegan meals for you, your family and friends !!! EVERYONE loves this class !!!

Saturday November 12, 2016 -- RCJ's HOLIDAY CLASS
Last year this class was a fun way to kick off the holiday season with unturkey, un-pumpkin pie, fresh cranberry sauce, and more !!!

The cost for each class is $65 + $3.00 processing fee if paying via paypal (Except the Beginner's Class and the Holiday Class, which are both $45, plus $2.00 processing fee if paying via paypal) and as usual, we have a feast after class !!! Contact me for payment details.

Pass this information on to anyone whom you feel may be interested in becoming healthier !!!

Please contact me if you have any additional questions . . . Classes are always fun and super delicious !!! Looking forward to seeing you !!!

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