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Offering both Personal
"Living on Live Food" Chef Certification & Teacher Certification Classes.

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Personal and individualized raw "un"-cooking instruction

Customize a raw food diet to suit your personal needs, as Raw
Chef Jane is a Certified Nutritional Consultant

Personal Raw Chef for an event -- Raw Chef Jane will prepare a delicious raw meal before your eyes and answer questions as she goes

Listen to Raw Chef Jane on a podcast "Awakening of the Soul"

See Raw Chef Jane in action live on TV

Article in Greeneville Sun Newspaper  July 22, 2016

  email: rawchefjane@gmail.com

   telephone: 423-823-7303 423-823-7303

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                Curried Lentils                                   Sweet Potato                               Raspberry-Topped 
  with Savory Wilted Spinach                         Pasta For 2                                      Key Lime Pie


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OK – here’s the upcoming schedule:


Certification Classes for Levels I, II and III Living on Live Food are available.  See below for description and schedule.

I will be having a Holiday Class on Saturday, November 11th and a second has been added for Nov 18th – there’s only one word for this class, WOW !!!!  We make un-turkey, gravy, fresh cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with “marshmallow” topping, un-pumpkin pie and off-hand, I don’t remember what else, but it’s way yummy !!  The fee for this class is $55.  Let me know.


Available Classes (contact me for dates):

PIZZA and QUICHE CLASS -- we eat a lot, it's highly informative and tons of fun  !!!!!

WRAP CLASS  New, Fun and Exciting !!! We make all types of wraps in this class, including sushi and even a dessert wrap ! 

BEGINNER'S CLASS (RAW FOOD 101) C'mon and join us to learn some fantastic, delicious and yet simple raw dishes to make for you and your family!!!   Fresh ingredients right from our garden are used when possible, and this is a really fun class !!!!! 

HOLIDAY CLASS !!!!!!!!  This is a really fun class, and especially informative for those who wish to remain on their raw vegan path during the holidays!  We make un-turkey, gravy, mashed sweet potatoes with "marshmallow" topping, un-pumpkin pie and other delicacies !!!!  

DEHYDRATION CLASS   OK Folks -- this is a class to learn all about dehydration.  We will be making some bread, snacks and who knows what else all using the dehydrator !!! 

BREAKFAST CLASS   This is a super class for those who want to eat a healthier breakfast.  In this class you will learn to make a proper smoothie (yes, there actually is a formula!), scones, bagels & cream cheese, crepes, two different kinds of breakfast bars, and more !!   Did I say bagels and cream cheese and scones?  Yes, I did !!!  All raw, all vegan.  You will leave class full.  Very full.  A blender, food processor and dehydrator are required to make the items taught in this class.  

INTERNATIONAL FLAVORS CLASS  In this class you will learn to create meals that have flavorings in them from around the world.  We make Moroccan Rice, Mediterranean Falafels with Tahini Sauce, Sweet Potato Latkes, Zucchini Rollatini, German Chocolate Cake, and MORE !!!!   It’s a YUMMY class guaranteed to get your taste buds rolling !!!  A blender, food processor and dehydrator are required to prepare the items in this class. 

PIZZA AND QUICHE CLASS  One of the best !!!  YES -- you can make a raw vegan quiche !!!!  I know it sounds impossible.  So many ask "how can you make a quiche without eggs and cheese?"  Well, you can !!   Not to mention the pizza. 

SNACK CLASS  This class is so much fun.  We learn how to make my delectable kale chips, chocolate chip cookies, hummus, zucchini chips, crackers and more . . . everyone leaves this class in a wheelbarrow.  It’s constant eating and lots of fun !!!   blender, food processor and dehydrator are required to prepare the items in this class. 

DESSERT CLASS  There are no words to describe this class.  It’s another one of those classes where you leave so full that you swear you’ll never eat again.  And delicious beyond words.  Fruit Trifle, Double Chocolate Frosted Cake, New York Cheesecake and more . . . there are no words.  It’s delicious.  All raw.  All vegan.

If you can’t make a class on the scheduled date, I can put another one together.  Tuesday has been a day that seems to be working well for many of you, but if you’d prefer a particular day other than what’s been scheduled, let me know. 

Pass this information on to anyone whom you feel may be interested in becoming healthier !!!

Please contact me if you have any additional questions . . . Classes are always fun and super delicious !!!  Looking forward to seeing you !!!

Levels I, II & III Certification Classes

Level 1 - Living on Live Food Chef Certification Course (introductory course)

Included in Level 1

All about a raw food lifestyle including:

• Getting excited about raw food

• Preparing delicious gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily
• Shopping for raw food
• Stocking your kitchen and set up your environment for raw food
• Appliances


Mock Salmon Pate
Stuffed Portabella Mushroom Caps
Collard Roll-ups

Broccoli Soup


Fettucine Alfredo
Angel Hair Pasta with Marinara Sauce

Date Nut Torte

Level 2 - Living on Live Food Instructor Certification Course

In this class, we sprout, dehydrate and talk about everything raw food! You will learn to make pizza, calzone, enchiladas, rye bagels, & chile with onion dip. You will be able to certify other Living on Live Food Chefs.

Level 2 - Living on Live Food Instructor Certification Course:

Preparing delicious raw gourmet meals
Techniques for sprouting and dehydrating

But how do I stay raw?
Daily lifestyle of a raw vegan, including environment, friends and family

Traveling while raw
Experiences while raw, both emotionally and physically

Adjusting the raw vegan lifestyle to your personal needs
What else makes up a healthy raw vegan lifestyle? (such as hygiene)
Teaching the Level I - Chef Certification Course


Rye Bagels
Onion Dip

Level 3 - Living on Live Food Teacher Certification Course

You will be able to  certify other instructors so that they will be able to teach and certify others in levels 1 and 2. 



Fermented Cheese

Chocolate Truffles

Sausage & Peppers

Easy Slaw

Romato Ravioli


Papaya steaks

and MORE !!!

This part of the training also focuses on team building, some more advanced recipes, and the business end of things.

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