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Raw Chef Jane
provides the following services:
Help you set up your raw food kitchen

Uncoming Classes (see below).
"Living on Live Food" Chef Certification and
Teacher Certification Classes also available

Personal and individualized raw "un"-cooking instruction

Customize a raw food diet to suit your personal needs, as Raw
Chef Jane is a Certified Nutritional Consultant

Personal Raw Chef for an event -- Raw Chef Jane will prepare a delicious raw meal before your eyes and answer questions as she goes

Listen to Raw Chef Jane on a podcast "Awakening of the Soul"

See Raw Chef Jane in action live on TV

Article in Greeneville Sun Newspaper  July 22, 2016

  email: rawchefjane@gmail.com

   telephone: 423-823-7303 423-823-7303

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                Curried Lentils                                   Sweet Potato                               Raspberry-Topped 
  with Savory Wilted Spinach                         Pasta For 2                                      Key Lime Pie


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For those of you who attended the yummy dinner at Olive Oil Divine – thank you !!!  It was totally fun for me and pretty tasty as well !!!  It was also a pleasure to meet so many of you and I just love having the chance to speak to everyone and to get to know all of you!!! 

If you didn’t catch Daytime Tri-Cities last week, the link is on my Facebook page, RAW CHEF JANE.   It was a fun show !


OK – here’s the upcoming schedule:


Recording two segments for Good Morning Tri-Cities tomorrow afternoon.  I’ll try to let you know when they’ll air, but frankly, they don’t always let me know !!!

Certification Classes for Levels I & II, Living on Live Food are available.  Please contact me if you are interested in pursuing this wonderful journey. 

Beginner's Class will be held on Saturday, October 21st. We always have a good time in this class and everyone is consistently amazed at how simple the food is to make and how delicious it is !!! We always enjoy a sit-down meal after class and it's kind of fun for me to get feedback from everyone.  The fee for this class is $45.  Shoot me an email if you're interested.  

I will be having a Holiday Class on Saturday, November 11th – there’s only one word for this class, WOW !!!!  We make un-turkey, gravy, fresh cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes with “marshmallow” topping, un-pumpkin pie and off-hand, I don’t remember what else, but it’s way yummy !!  The fee for this class is $55.  Let me know.


Remember that I can add classes here and there when required – I offer a Breakfast Class, Pizza and Quiche Class, Snack Class, International Flavors Class, Dehydration Class, Dessert Class . . . and I can add a class if there’s something specific you’d like that I have not yet offered !!!  Also, please note that I do private or semi-private classes too, catered to your individual wants and needs.  I can also present a class on a week day rather than a weekend if that’s more convenient.  Let me know.  Classes are always fun – as life should be !


If anything else comes up, I’ll let you know, but in the meanwhile,  I guess that’s about it for now . .

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