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These recipes are designed to assist you on a healthier path – they are simple and can become a part of anyone’s lifestyle.  Pretty much every recipe in this e-book is a dish that is in our weekly food rotation.  ”The Simple Stuff” contains some easy and delicious raw recipes to get you started on your raw food journey.  I have been told numerous times how much people love making living food to nourish their living body.  Also, one of the most important aspects of any food prep is to make it pleasing to look at, because if it doesn’t look good, why would you want to eat it?  Adding a little spark of color here and there can do so much to the appealing look of a dish as well as enhance the flavor!  


What are the benefits of a raw food lifestyle?  I would love to see everyone on a 100% plant based diet – ideally, 100% raw.  Clients I’ve guided have incurred substantial weight loss, lowered cholesterol, cured diabetes, banished migraines, healed acid-reflux, increased immune function, increased mental clarity, better vision, increased energy, as well as experiencing a general feeling of well-being and being healthier.  I know that many of you want to incorporate healthier meals in your life and I believe that this e-book will show you at least where to begin, and if you are transitioning from cooked food to raw food, there are some dynamite recipes to keep you going!  And as I said before, these recipes are staples in our home.


What will you learn in this e-book?  You will learn sprouting – how simple it is to do and some creative ways of incorporating sprouts into meals so that your body can get more usable nutrition that will aid in your digestion as well as provide your body with antioxidents.  You will learn how to begin fermenting food – a wonderful way to ingest some probiotics (the good bacteria inside your body).  Once you’ve healed your gut from the inside, both the inside an outside become healthier.  You will learn how to prepare meals that look as good as they taste.  You will learn how to make meals taste differently by using herbs or spices.  You will learn how to be healthier by incorporating “The Simple Stuff” into your life. 

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e-book #2

It's not just salad !!! Advanced Raw Food Recipes designed to be delicious and entice you into living a healthier lifestyle !  Many of the recipes here can be used in different ways.  Oh -- and just in case you are having a salad, I've included a couple of deliciously different salad dressings!  I encourage you to get your RAW on and be creative!!! 

Notes:  Dehydrating temperature is never above 115 degrees.  (I usually keep my temp around 105.)  EVOO = Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  What you will need for these recipes:  High Speed Blender, Food Processor, Dehydrator, good set of knives.  Remember that you can always add a little water to make ingredients a little smoother if necessary.  

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